Nihar Associates was engaged to develop operating procedures for our client’s tanker-converted FSO.

The tanker was being converted into a FSO in the Shanhaiguan shipyard (China), and required a suite of detailed operating procedures to be developed beforethe conversion was complete.

Nihar Associates successfully set up a communications plan with the onsite engineers and construction personnel, mobilised 10 of its engineers, and completed the required operating procedures in a strict and limited time frame of 3 months.

Overall Nihar Associates:

  • Authored 88 detailed operating manuals in line with international standards and guidelines such as MARPOL and ISGOTT.
    • The systems described by the manuals included (but were not limited to) the main engine, HFO and MDO, rudder, fixed firefighting, inloading, offloading, bunkering, ballasting, and mooring systems.
  • Conducted a site visit to the Shanhaiguan shipyard and a walkthrough validation of the produced operating procedures.