Nihar Associates was employed to determine the consistency with which maintainable items were recorded across a number of our client’s databases.

Nihar Associates had to analyse the data stored in 3 separate databases, and determine which maintainable items were present/not present in each. This task was complicated by the fact that the data sources recorded maintainable items against primary keys that did not necessarily correlate between data sources.

Nihar Associates had to use its knowledge of the naming conventions used in each data source (which were not necessarily documented anywhere) to develop rule sets that could be used to identify maintainable items that were present in different data sources, but recorded against different primary keys.

Overall Nihar Associates

  • Analysed over 1,500,000 line items of data.
  • Produced statistics showing the percentage of line items that were consistently recorded between data sources.
  • Assigned ‘severity ratings’ to the data that was inconsistently recorded depending on which combination of data sources a particular line item was present in to prioritise which inconsistencies should be addressed first.