Nihar Associates was employed to author/overhaul a number of high-level documents that governed our client’s maintenance department.

This involved an in-depth investigation into the documentation that currently governed the maintenance department’s activities, an assessment of the currency and relevance of each document’s content, and extensive discussions with relevant stakeholders.

Overall, Nihar Associates delivered:

  • A new revision of the standard to which our client’s entire maintenance department is held accountable to.
  • A new standard to define the process by which ‘maintenance build projects’ (i.e. projects whose aim is to define an implement maintenance strategies in SAP PM) must be executed, and the supplementary standards that must be followed.
  • A new standard to define the information that must be produced and ‘delivered’ to the maintenance department on completion of a Greenfield maintenance build project, as well as the quality standards that this information must meet, and the associated standards that govern its preparation.
  • A new revision to the standard that defines the process by which maintenance activities must be requested, approved, resourced, scheduled, executed, and closed-out in SAP PM.