Our Strengths

We pride ourselves on having a core set of strengths that ensure that we continue to provide value-adding services to clients. Our strengths include:

  • Our Experience
    We are highly experienced and well respected in the engineering and maintenance community. We are a local company with a global presence, and have provided services to clients all over the world, in locations such as Australia, Brazil, China, New Zealand, Singapore, and the USA.
  • Our Capabilities
    We can deliver all-encompassing cradle to grave solutions, converting reliability and engineering theories into value adding and cost effective real world benefits.
  • Our Engineers
    Our engineers are qualified and competent in their respective engineering disciplines through their exposure to various industries. They are regarded as a highly professional, and have a reputation for producing high quality work.
  • Our Track Record
    We have a proven track record of delivering high quality projects on budget and on time.
  • Our Knowledge
    We have a strong understanding of an extensive range of engineering, reliability, and maintenance theories. We are able to draw on decades worth of knowledge and failure and life prediction data collected from vendors and years of operating experience to ‘fast track’ certain aspects of projects.
  • Our Attitude
    We are driven by deliverables, and pride ourselves on producing high-quality work.


Our Success Factors

Our success in the projects we undertake is underpinned by a number of factors, including:

  • Our focus on quality
    We have a clear and specific focus on delivering high quality work. Our engineers are aware of the value and importance we place on producing quality deliverables, and have a reputation for doing so.
  • Our simple organisation structure
    We have a simple and flat organisation structure whereby all employees are dynamically assigned to specific projects. This flexibility and agility enables us to deploy our resources efficiently.
  • Our low overhead costs
    Our flat organisation structure means that we have very low overhead costs: we employ multi-skilled staff, and do not have a dedicated marketing team. We firmly believe that our performance generates business for us.
  • Our hard working and energetic team
    Our engineers are proactive and have a highly regarded work ethic. They have a proven ability to overcome obstacles that others would not attempt to undertake.
  • Our flexible work management approach
    We man-up and man-down our projects depending on their timing and resource requirements. This means that we do not charge time during periods where we wait to receive third-party information or a client responses. Instead, we temporarily reallocate our staff to other projects. This allows us to maintain a low project cost without compromising on quality.
  • Our familiarity with leading systems
    Our engineers are familiar with locally, nationally, and internationally adopted Standards and Best Practices.