Nihar Associates was employed to analyse the production losses incurred by our client’s West Australian oil and gas producing assets from 2011 to 2013, and determine the biggest contributors to reliability-related losses.

In addition, Nihar Associates was asked to re-classify the production loss data such that it could be used as the basis for determining reliability targets for each system within a given facility.

Nihar Associates delivered:

  • A report that:
    • outlined the assets, functional locations, and equipment types that contributed most to total production losses;
    • performed an in-depth analysis of trends in production losses;
    • analysed the consistency with which losses relating to multiple assets were classified; and
    • analysed the consistency with which reliability, availability, and utilisation designations were being assigned to line items.
  • A dataset containing over 7,000 entries, classified such that reliability targets could be determined for each system within a given facility.
PAS Data Analysis Project