Nihar Associates was employed to clean up the master data, and optimise the maintenance plans for one of our client’s RB211 export compressor packages.

This work involved:

  • An extensive review of the existing master data and maintenance plans stored in SAP PM.
  • A review of the historical operational performance of the compressor package (to identify areas where maintenance should be improved).
  • Consultation with experts from our client and the vendor, Rolls Royce.

Nihar Associates successfully managed and executed the entire project, including the implementation of master data changes in SAP PM.

Overall, Nihar Associates:

  • Conducted a spares review for the entire RB211 export compressor package.
  • Authored 45 work packs to document the maintenance activities that need to be performed during shutdowns.
  • Completely overhauled the existing suite of maintenance plans to ensure that they:
    • met the requirements of relevant performance standards;
    • aligned with the findings of reliability centred maintenance (RCM) reviews conducted for the export compressor package; and
    • were structured such that they facilitated maintenance planning, scheduling, and execution.