Maintenance Optimisation

We specialise in providing a wide range of maintenance-related services to clients.
Maintenance is one of the biggest factors that influence the profitability of a given facility, accounting for a significant percent of total operational costs. Both under maintaining and over maintaining equipment can be costly (the cost of equipment failure is often more than the cost of maintenance, but maintaining equipment unnecessarily still costs money and can even induce failure). So, it is crucial to find the right balance and make sure that equipment is being maintained appropriately.

We provide services to help clients optimise their maintenance practices by reducing maintenance costs while maximising operational reliability. Our services can help clients make improvements across a range of areas, from improving standards and governance systems to resolving on-site maintenance and reliability issues.
Master Data Support
  • CMMS configuration

  • CMMS checks and audits

  • Master data upload

  • Master data creation

Gap Analysis and Rectification
  • Compliance analysis and reporting

  • Identification and implementation of maintenance requirements

  • FMEA/FMECA, RCM analysis and implementation

  • SIL analysis and implementation

  • RBI analysis and implementation

  • System/equipment-specific PM optimisation reviews

  • De-bottlenecking analysis

  • Sustaining capital analysis

  • SCE identification

  • Maintenance planning and scheduling

  • Greenfield and brownfield maintenance build projects

Shutdown Support
  • Shutdown scope development

  • Workpack development

  • Shutdown planning

  • Shutdown supervision

Technical Writing
  • Governing document development (philosophies, standards, etc.)

  • Decommissioning and mothballing philosophies

  • Commissioning and pre-commissioning procedures

  • Operating procedures

  • Shutdown scopes

Backfill / Engineering Support
  • Maintenance and reliability engineering support to operating plants

  • Maintenance and reliability engineering back-fill services for office personnel