Reliability Optimisation

We have an excellent track record of providing high-quality reliability-related services to clients.

Reliability is the driving force behind cost efficient and stable production. Unfortunately, equipment failure, non-optimised maintenance, and human error are constant threats to reliability and hence profitability. These threats need to be managed proactively to ensure that equipment condition, maintenance practices, and personnel work together to improve the operations of an asset, rather than hinder them.
We provide services to help clients optimise the reliability of their assets. We perform holistic assessments of causes of poor reliability, and provide actionable recommendations for improvement.
Reliability Analysis and Improvement 
  • Failure analysis using various techniques (e.g. Fault tree, Event tree, KT, RCA, 5 Whys)

  • RAM Modelling, using Monte Carlo simulations 

  • Spurious trip analysis 

  • Benchmarking 

  • Delay analysis 

  • Reliability, availability, and utilisation analysis 

Backfill / Engineering Support 
  • Maintenance and reliability engineering support to operating plants 

  • Maintenance and reliability engineering back-fill services for office personnel